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This is where I continue

Okay.  So it has become apparent to me that I need some sort of blog-type outlet to talk about my artistic practice.  My practice at being an artist.  I have the blog for  The Connecting Thread, which was a project I dedicated my life to for over two years.  Wow.  That was something and well, it still IS something as it is currently living and exhibiting and being shown and honestly, just very honestly, I hope that people are enjoying it.  Honest, yes, honestly, I hope that people are looking at it.  It would be a shame if it made no impact whatsoever.

So, this.  What is this?  This is where I’m continuing to talk about what I do, what I make, what influences the work, where I’ve been and what I’ve seen.  Yeah, very much about me, really.

At least I’m honest.

(And I’m listening to Violent Femmes now and honestly, I will never tire of them.)