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My own little tenement

Image 5″ x 7″ created using Gocco print on textiles

I have recently moved into a tenement. After having spent my entire life not living in a tenement, I am finding this new way of existing very, uhm, interesting. Interesting in the fact that I can hear the doorstairs door, four flights of stairs below, shut every time someone goes in and out. Interesting in that my own door somehow does an airlock bang every time the door downstairs shuts. Interesting in that I can hear the people below my flat swearing at 3am. Interesting in that I most certainly never feel alone because of all the muffled sounds. Interesting in that the lady that lives across the hall from me hates dogs and I’ve got a big one. Interesting in the fact that someone likes using the stairwell for a smoking corridor. Yes. Tenement life. I’m not actually complaining. It is actually interesting.

Currently, I am exhibiting a rather large work of art which I had to do scad loads of research, digging up all sorts of information and learning the much loved skill of trawling through websites, archives and libraries on a hunt to find out more about my family. I found it interesting finding out where they lived and how they lived. Very fortunately, I was able to visit these places. I saw the place where the paper mill in Ivybridge (UK) was located, where my ancestors lived 200 years ago. I found the Georgian house in Dudley (UK) where my ancestors lived and worked as a Master Hosier – knitter of hosiery. My grandfather’s cousin gave me a photograph of the mud house my ancestors made on their farm in Nebraska, circa 1894. And then of course there was the farm house from 1924, and more recent homes which look a lot more like the ones in which I grew up in. (For more information on that project, please visit The Connecting Thread – a personal psychogeography).

Tenement living is something quite other. There are two museums that I know of – I’m sure there are several more – dedicated to tenement living throughout the years. There’s the Tenement Museum in New York, which I would like to visit if I ever find myself in that city again. There is one closer to home in Glasgow, The Tenement House which I would like to wander around someday soon. A little bit history. A little bit ‘why did people choose to cover their walls in that garish colour?!’

And my shameless plug is this: If you’re diggin the above artwork, I make bespoke tenements. You can have one of your very own for just £40.

The end.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

4 thoughts on “My own little tenement

  1. hello there love, looks like you are plugging away with your art…and a very interesting living…love to hear more….just a note to check your message on FB…I do have a question and if you would like to do it just let me know….always thinking of you and really enjoy all the new art…



  2. Blogging is a good thing…I would love to have a blog buuuuut I wouldn’t know what to talk about…but maybe I should start one and who knows what kind of respone’s I will get… 🙂

    Any way the size I am looking at is maybe the size of a pillow case….the Edinbough sky line would be brilliant and since you already have an existing print that would be great… I like the blue ( a bit lighter like baby blueish) on the bottom of the art work above with a bit of brown and of course the white…that is the color scheme in the salon area…I have like a French theme going on…sort…anyway so glad that you would do this and definitely tell me when all said and done the price for the piece and shipping….thank you thank you…

    Moving overseas is still in the works ..the plan is hopefully be in 2-3 yrs…got to have a plan long term…the hubs hasn’t really done a whole lot looking into jobs internationally…law enforcement/security consultant/organizational development type of job…so we might be asking you to do a little research or tell us how the whole work visa/ living/and other stuffs…so I will keep you posted…

    I am going to renew my lease on the building for my business for 3yrs when next Oct comes…so who knows what the future has in store for us….

    Looking forward to your input and what you will come up with….

    lots of loves



    1. You should most certainly blog. You have lots of insight into what it’s like to juggle a business and your family. You own a salon; lots of cool stuff happens there. Talk about it! And tip top tips. You’ve got lots of knowledge and talent in your field and beyond. Share it, baby, share it.


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