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The List (Edinburgh and Glasgow) Dec – Jan edition

And here it is. A photograph of the page where my work and bio appear in The List. Here’s the link to the online version, which shows a totally different artwork, but hey, you won’t hear any complaints out of me. A few weeks ago a journalist from The List contacted me via my website contact page, asking for information as he wanted to feature me in the Central Station slot in the magazine. Me? You mean…me? This is no false modesty. I didn’t really advertise this possibility until I saw it for myself in print. I did think that they would read the bio and think ‘Oh, uhm, well, she didn’t graduate from Edinburgh or Glasgow or London so uhm, should we look for someone else?’ or some other kind of you’re-not-who-we-thought-you-were type of thinking. Oh Cassandra. Why must you think like this?

This morning I walked to the Fruitmarket Gallery, saw the latest version of the magazine and quickly flicked through the pages to find myself. And there I was. So, I guess they were serious after all. I bought three copies: One for myself, one for my family in Nebraska and one for my family in Cleveland.

How am I feeling about all this? Well. Hm. What to say. I feel vindicated. I feel vindicated because I have spent a good many years hearing that maybe I ought to do something else more serious, more stable. You know, because I’m looking out for you. And you know, you may have been a big deal in your small town, but this isn’t your small town. So really, you ought to maybe put this aside and do something else. In no way do I (or have I ever) felt like a big deal. I do, however, work very hard and am a believer in the idea that hard work and passion and putting out your antenna will get you to where you want to be.

I feel like my decisions have been vindicated. This is the path to be on and I feel very confident about my steps and will feel even more confident about the ones to follow. Thank you very much Central Station and The List for noticing me. You totally made my year.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

4 thoughts on “The List (Edinburgh and Glasgow) Dec – Jan edition

  1. Well deserved recognition! From where I am, the Universe is giving you a standing ovation, do you hear it?!?. In my personal search for spiritual understanding, we’re taught to do what we love. Forget those who insist on dragging you down. Follow your passion and you will know happiness. Cassandra, my dear niece, you have great passion and great talent. Kudos!


  2. These are such great words to receive. Thank you for your kindness in sharing these with me. I have often wondered if I am making the right decisions, especially when things aren’t moving forward or even rolling back. But you know, it seems that things are finally clicking into place. It has taken a lot of change and risk, but it’s been worth it.


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