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Have you ever been conscious of the point when you’ve done something or thought of something or had the light shimmer of an idea that then made you think ‘Ah yes.  This is a game changer.’?

This is the thing that I’ve been waiting for.  This is the thing, and I don’t honestly even know what ‘the thing’ is, but this feels like it.

Tonight, Saturday night, Date Night for many, work night for me, and I have been creating a new print of a building I enjoy seeing slide into view when I am on the Edinburgh to Newcastle train.  It glints in the sun.  It stacks up then disperses.  I’m not the only one to have noticed it and if you think hard enough, if you’ve been on that train enough, you have probably guessed what it is I’m talking about.

The other day I decided to make an artwork of this building.  I popped over to the fabric shop, pushed open the door and went down the stairs to the corner where I knew the fabric I needed was displayed in a tidy rainbow.  With the image in mind, I looked at the fabric, waiting for something to make sense.  The colour scheme needs to be just right for this to work.  I pulled out a deep purple, held it, then put it back.  I took out three more colours, put two back, picked out three others then looked at them as they overlapped.  I thought that I should also choose a blue and possibly a gray, but I changed my mind.  I took my selection to the counter to be cut.  As I stood there chatting to the Lady With Scissors, I saw a gorgeous little basket of fat quarters.  For the uninitiated quilt maker, fat quarters are used for quilting.  They are tidy cuts of fabric of an enormous variety of colour combinations, with a mind blogging number of patterns.  Amongst the pile, I saw a little fat quarter made of the colours I had brought to the desk. There were other colours in the fabric that worked well together.

By this time my fabric had been cut and my bill tallied.  I kept looking at that little fat quarter, then looked over at the bolts of fabric on the shelf, then at my own selection. No.  What I’ve chosen is fine.  These are fine.  She’s already tallied my bill so no, these are fine.  It’s good.

But it bothered me.  It kept bothering me and just as I almost turned my back on the idea, I walked over the to shelf and took down the blue and the gray.

I think that was the right choice.  And tonight, whilst I was creating the prints to use for the artwork, an idea flashed into my mind.  It was like an epiphany.  Yes!  This is what I will do!  And oh wow, this is the thing I’ve been waiting for.  If this works (IF IF IF) then this will be quite something.

I’m trying to listen to that small voice, from the beginning of a project all the way through to the end.  Which colours feel right?  What about the size of the work?  How about the positioning of things?  What looks right and what jars?  What is mediocre and what zings?

I’m also trying to listen to my intuition when it comes to choosing which projects to go ahead with.  I’m trying to decipher which ones are going to add to my life and which ones are going to suck the life out of me.

Yes.  That small something that knows.  It’s like you already know before you start.


I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

2 thoughts on “Intuition

  1. I had exactly the same thing the other night! I’ve been trying to work a script/plot up for my film studies project for months, and suddenly at half past midnight on Saturday, I had that eureka moment! I wrote the entire thing, and surprisingly, it makes perfect sense reading it this morning! What a wonder is the creative mind. 🙂


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