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Torness Power Station


This is the thing, the thing that I wrote about on Saturday night.  Although it is quite a lot different from a sketched idea that forced its way into my mind, I think this is good.  I think this is what needed to happen.  Today I am taking this to the framers so that I can take the complete article to something that will cause me to hold my breath and pray to be lucky again.

I’ll report back on this in a few weeks.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. I also work as a primary school art teacher. I feel lucky that I can divide my time between the two activities.

2 thoughts on “Torness Power Station

  1. Yeah, that is gorgeous. Congratulations!

    I always like a nice mid-tone grey to set off other colours – its hard to tell from looking at the image on my phone quite what colour the sky textile is, but maybe it’s a neutral mid-tone grey? And the image composition seems to be generally along the lines of the Golden Mean. But however you did it, it’s a very arresting image.


  2. Hi Pete,
    Yes. The Golden Mean. As I was positioning the pieces and cropping the work, I think I automatically just went there. I knew this was happening so to try to create a bit more interested, I nudged it just off the Golden Mean. I am aware that I tend towards the Golden Mean so do make attempts to side step it, but only slightly.
    And gray. Yes. It’s a colour I should explore more often.


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