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I’ve been influenced by the Funk

Big structures.  Big sky.Welcome to Funk.  I promise with my entire heart that this is a real town, nestled on the plains of Nebraska.

Recently, I had to provide an artist statement for an upcoming exhibition.  ‘Contextus‘ – what a name.  You should go check it out.  There will be 14 of us little artists knocking about the place and we would love for you to visit us and our work.  We are generally nice ( I assume) and we don’t bite (I assume again).

Part of my artist statement went a little like this:

Her current city of residence has been great inspiration for her textile and print creations. Old and new architecture, interesting views and the steep hills and layers to the city have provided much to work with and interpret in her particular style. In contrast, she is only just now realising how the wide open fields, forever skies and strong sturdy structures of grain elevetors and water towers on the plains of her youth have influenced her current body of work.  To keep up to date on her latest project, ‘Loving the unlovely’ (working title and hopefully something better than this will come to mind), please visit her blog at

As some of you know, I  like a bit of watercooler banter on Twitter.  I’m sure most of my blog readers (what is it now…five?) find me through Twitter.  One of my TwitterFriends commented that there is a new levity to my work.  Embarrassingly, I had to look up that word.  I may not be bright, but at least I’m honest.  So anyway, I still didn’t quite know what he meant so just had to ask.  He said that perhaps my upbringing, my 20 years spent looking up at those amazing skies and seeing the large cement structures of the grain elevators have somehow influenced me.

As my statement says, I am only just now realising this.

And it is this perspective, this way of viewing things in the context of them just being themselves, singular, alone, ugly, hulking, that is the inspiration of my upcoming exhibition, this summer, at Urban Outfitters.

And there you have it, I’ve let you in a little on my big secret.


I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

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