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Chancelot Mills artwork

This is the first completed work for this summer’s exhibition for Urban Outfitters.  Unfortunately, the colours have not translated exactly in photograph as they look in real life.  They are luminous, bright, and that yellow is like a shock of lemon.  This is the basis of my colour scheme for the other works.  Some will be rockin out in orange, whilst others will be calmed down with that gorgeous teal blue colour that is making the hot colours pop in the above artwork.

I’ve also decided to activate the white areas more; using white as a colour instead of something to outline the other colours.  I think this could work really well.  Today I have been buoyant, full of all shades of excitement as I feel this is like Torness Take 2.  When I created that Torness Power Station piece, I felt like I had achieved something new and fresh, something I hadn’t done for quite some time.  I’ve got that lovin’ feeling again and I’m jazzed as anything.

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Crawley WORDfest features artwork

Several months ago I was contacted by one of the organisers for the Crawley WORDfest event. I was in the middle of scheduling commission orders and thought that it would be a bit difficult to squeeze this one in. I am pleased with my decision to add this to my list as I have been completely thrilled to see the artwork used so extensively for their event.

Initially, I was commissioned to create a bespoke piece to be auctioned at their grand finale. Working with different subject matter as well as trying out a new colour scheme (the original work is in tealy greens, beige and a splash of gold orange) and also combining stitched words was very inspiring. They were so pleased with the piece that the crew decided to use the image for their marketing. If you click on this link, you’ll see my work used as a banner for their website as well as a little blurb about my artwork to be auctioned later this week.

Thanks Crawley WORDfest for inviting me along for the ride.