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An update on projects

Catchy title that: An update on projects.  Yawn.

You’ll have to excuse me as I am feeling very slow this morning.  Too much glorious sunshine (can you have too much?) and possibly a bit too much to drink at the end of the day may be contributing to my sluggishness.  I’ll have to persevere as I am a) rather brave or b) desperately needing to get stuff done and can’t be slowed down by the monumentally bad decision to have a whisky drink after my wine drink?  Answer: b.

And so, here is a little update on all the many projects that are needing my attention:

The I Heart Cafe collaboration is going well.  My partner in the war against ugly and I have decided things.  We’ve had agreements, which when working with someone else is essential.  As far as I can tell, we are on track to put up the work on the 1st of June.  I still need to draw out my plans for the window, which is an activity I have assigned to this Friday.

The Hula artworks are going well. For anyone who has worked with Gocco printing before, you know that ‘flashing’ the screens (making the drawn image appear by magic onto the screen) can sometimes go wrong.  The bulbs may not flash or the drawing may not have enough carbon, both resulting in lots of wasted time and wasted money.  I am happy to report that both of the screens I have made so far are looking fine.  Today I shall continue work on the third drawing.  There will be seven artworks all together.

The Urban Outfitters work is 80% complete.  I’m working on a piece that is a bit redefining, I think, and has taken me 10 hours so far to make.  I think I have another 3 or 4 more to go.  It will be worth it.  Promise.  I am doing something new and am hoping to delay the reveal for the show.  But you know me, I sometimes get a bit excited and impatient.

And then there is the artwork for a fine couple’s home and wedding invitations.  Apparently, the scaffolding over one of the buildings I need to recreate in my style has been dismantled.  What terrifically good news that is for everyone involved.

All of these projects are due in June, July or August.  I better hop to it then.  May is slipping away at a rather alarming rate.

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A commission and a collaboration at I Heart Cafe – Leith Walk

I heart a lot of drawing on this

Making connections is such a lot of fun.  Twitter, Facebook, word of mouth; keep your eyes and ears open and alert and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

My current and latest project (most current as it is demanding attention NOW NOW NOW) is to fill this lovely window with a lovely drawing for the upcoming Leith Late event in June.  June.  You know, that month after May.  June is ten days away and I’ve only just picked up this work.  I already have ideas about how I’m going to fill that window space.  I reckon it will take me two days to draw onto that window what needs to be drawn on.  What a challenge.

I found out about Leith Late whilst flicking through my Twitter home screen.  I don’t always read through this as I choose to hop straight to my lists and leave it at that.  Queue standing or bus sitting usually affords me a bit of down time to flick through the names of the 1,000 + people I’m stalking, I mean following.  And so.  I saw this call out for artists to get involved with Leith Late.  This will be their second year running the event and it just so happens that I Heart Cafe is the first venue on their list as it is geographically closest to the top of Leith Walk.  People are to wind their way down to Leith, popping in and out of pop ups, galleries, events and so on.  For more information, please hop to their Facebook presence here.

Not only will I be decorating the outside of this gorgeous cafe, but I will also be hanging a few pieces within.  And this is where the collaboration happens with fellow artist Jimmy Steel.  With his ideas and mine combined, we will be creating something a bit new, a bit mixed media, a bit funky and printed.  All supplies have been gathered and now it’s just a matter of putting all the pieces together, standing back and hopefully being more than a little pleased with the results.

So, roll on June 1st, the first day of the I Heart Cafe exhibition and roll on June 28th, the night of Leith Late.

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In pursuit of sunshine, bouncy balls and the trail of RLS

Last week I had the good fortune to spend all of those days mooching around the beaches of the south coast, with my delightful sidekick Josey, the entertaining always-with-a-song-in-his-head Jimmy and his sidekick Seal.  There was joy.  There was fun.  There were exceptionally beautiful days in the sun.

To be honest, I had never really rated Bournemouth.  I’d never considered it so when we did rock up to that fine coast, I was very pleased to see that there is quite a lot kicking about down there.  Standing on the beach, right in the middle, you can see the coast sweep up around you on both sides, looking like a rather wonderful big ole hug from the sky and the sea.  On one evening, the moon loomed large over the water, moon looking large and orange and glowing.  It looked like a ‘Harvest Moon.’

As we had the dogs in tow for this adventure, we did spend a lot of time entertaining them.  Trust me, it was equally entertaining for us to take the two Labradors on outings to the coast, to the beaches of Sandbanks on one side and to walk to the farthest point on the other side.  Sorry.  The name of it escapes me.  We walked them through small parks perched on top of high cliffs.  We walked them through parks and played fetch for hours.  Oh to be so entertained as they with their activity of running, catch the ball, run back, drop the ball (or pry it from Josey’s death-grip jaw clench).  Repeat. Repeat.  Repeat.  Ball throw #2385 was just as enthusiastically chased after as Ball throw #1.

Jimmy and I did spend some time chasing down the trail of Robert Louis Stevenson.  As he was a son of Edinburgh, with links to Bournemouth and the states, it was interesting to track down his life through reading ‘Across the Plains’, finding plaques in a gorgeous valley (or chine) in Bournemouth as well as ask a local bookseller about RLS and his dealings with the Shelly family in Boscombe.

Incidentally, I love the first lines of the chapter ‘The Plains of Nebraska’ in Stevenson’s book:-

It had thundered on the Friday night, but the sun rose on Saturday without a cloud.  We were at sea – there is no other adequate expression – on the plains of Nebraska…It was a world almost without feature; an empty sky, an empty earth; front and back, the line of railway stretched from horizon to horizon, like a cue across a billiard board; on either hand, the green plain ran till it touched the skirts of heaven.

Apparently, Stevenson had visited Boscombe to convaslesce.  He eventually found his way to the states, through the states, in pursuit of love.  For his short 44 years, the man sure did get around.

Anyway, I found my own little excursion necessary.  It was good to leave town, leave all manner of work, and explore a new space that was unfamiliar.  The days slipped by lazily enough, entertaining enough, well-fed enough and all with excellent company.  Recently I have heard that to survive living a long time in Edinburgh, you need to go on plenty of trips.  I completely agree especially on days like today because my God, the weather here is shit. (Not always.  I’m just getting annoyed that it’s May and it’s cold and has been raining for days).

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Jurassic Coastal Tour
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Progress report: Urban Outfitters gig

This week has been a good and productive week chez Cassandra. I am feeling jazzed about the opportunity to show an entirely new body of work in its entirety. As it is vitally important to me to ensure the overall exhibit is cohesive, I had made great efforts to stick to an exciting, vibrant and well-chosen colour scheme. It’s the zingyness of the turquoise married to tangerine orange that I am finding particularly delightful.

Patterned fabrics have been ordered and received. After hours of trawling the internet I found fabrics that match my shades and are also the geometric prints that I had imagined. ‘Why not print your own?’ you may ask and yes, one of you has asked. Well, I am a great believer in the brilliance of others and I think that I have found fabrics that far exceed anything I could have ever designed myself. So, the pieces will be an amalgamation of my drawing, printmaking, eye-for-the-slabalicious-architecture, colour choice along with found printed fabrics.

I still have one print to create and then that’s me done with the printmaking. My file for this project is full of stacks of my printed designs. I shall then take a few weeks off and come back to the work with fresh eyes and put the pieces together. In the meantime, there is the Hula artworks to begin but now, just now, I think I shall make myself a batch of celebratory French Toast Cupcakes.