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An update on projects

Catchy title that: An update on projects.  Yawn.

You’ll have to excuse me as I am feeling very slow this morning.  Too much glorious sunshine (can you have too much?) and possibly a bit too much to drink at the end of the day may be contributing to my sluggishness.  I’ll have to persevere as I am a) rather brave or b) desperately needing to get stuff done and can’t be slowed down by the monumentally bad decision to have a whisky drink after my wine drink?  Answer: b.

And so, here is a little update on all the many projects that are needing my attention:

The I Heart Cafe collaboration is going well.  My partner in the war against ugly and I have decided things.  We’ve had agreements, which when working with someone else is essential.  As far as I can tell, we are on track to put up the work on the 1st of June.  I still need to draw out my plans for the window, which is an activity I have assigned to this Friday.

The Hula artworks are going well. For anyone who has worked with Gocco printing before, you know that ‘flashing’ the screens (making the drawn image appear by magic onto the screen) can sometimes go wrong.  The bulbs may not flash or the drawing may not have enough carbon, both resulting in lots of wasted time and wasted money.  I am happy to report that both of the screens I have made so far are looking fine.  Today I shall continue work on the third drawing.  There will be seven artworks all together.

The Urban Outfitters work is 80% complete.  I’m working on a piece that is a bit redefining, I think, and has taken me 10 hours so far to make.  I think I have another 3 or 4 more to go.  It will be worth it.  Promise.  I am doing something new and am hoping to delay the reveal for the show.  But you know me, I sometimes get a bit excited and impatient.

And then there is the artwork for a fine couple’s home and wedding invitations.  Apparently, the scaffolding over one of the buildings I need to recreate in my style has been dismantled.  What terrifically good news that is for everyone involved.

All of these projects are due in June, July or August.  I better hop to it then.  May is slipping away at a rather alarming rate.


I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

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