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Wedding Invitation Commission. Check.

Several months ago, I was approached by the loveliest couple in the universe (know collectively as Paulela) to create wedding invitations for their special day. Aw. Bless. Matrimonial bliss awaits you. They first wanted me to create an artwork of their wedding venue and an artwork of their reception venue. Both very gorgeous venues and both nestled close to where the couple of made a home. I was then to have those pieces scanned, copied and made into wedding invitations.

I am happy to announce that said artworks and invites have been made. I think the fabric and print technique have translated well in this medium. Here is my wish to the amazing couple to have many happy long years together, and if I could give any advice it would be this: Make time for eachother, which you already do anyway. And everyone lived happily ever after. Skipping through fields. Cheesy music played in the background and then there were loads of butterflies. A sunset. Cups of tea and a picnic blanket.


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What went down at Urban Outfitters

Here are some snaps of our good man Sean at UO doing the heavy drilling. Jimmy and I mostly stood back and watched on. We hung stuff, too. So, not completely useless. We were quite tired after having secured the five cases of beer from Caledonian Brewery.

A good night.
The Sneaky Pete’s DJ
Me in stripes of neon pink
Prints of originals

Thanks to everyone who rocked up to the show. It was good to meet and chat and have an incredibly good night. I’m still flying on those good vibes.

All originals and prints are available on my website

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Photos of what went down at Hula

It’s been a crazy fun-filled two days. I’m still on a high (the natural kind brought on by good friends, good cheer and having finished all things needed finishing). The rum punch was a mixture of all things tasty and, uhm, rummy. The snacks were snacktastic and the musical stylings of the Samba Crew and Meagan the Singing Sensation made for a night that was a sensory delight. Thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen, thanks to Susan at Hula for inviting me to display my work at Hula and thanks to the rain for holding off whilst the drumming happened out of doors.

Let the entertainments begin
A cheery disposition. Thanks, Rachael. Thachael.
Sunshine, happy people
Hula Susan with the winner of the limited edition print
Meagan, the singstar of the night

All prints and original works are available for purchase at Hula during the month of August. Just a side note. Just so you know.

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Artist/shop girl/teacher/actor/waiter

“So, what’s your ‘slash’?” asked doe-eyed Ms Hathaway to curly-haired actor, the guy from Pete Versus Life.  There was a look of confusion.  Mostly from me to my boyfriend who seemed to be enjoying the chick movie I was subjecting him to.

The movie, One Day (loved the book, meh about the movie), was wearing a glorious outfit of Mexican ridiculousness, having been caught in the middle of her shift at work to retrain the newby.  He was a comedian/waiter.

That scene proceeded an article about ‘Double Jobbers‘ I read earlier that day.  It resonated.  Both article and movie clip made me somehow feel better about the situation in which I find myself; a situation that will most likely never change.  In most respects, it’s not entirely a bad thing.

For quite some time, I have been putting a lot of pressure on myself to try to engineer my creative career to pay for, well, my life, really.  To pay for my rent, my food, my dog and her needs, my clothes, my bus fare, my entertainment and God nearly forbid it, the occasional holiday.  That’s a lot to demand of print and textiles and stitching.  It almost looks like a ludicrous expectation when written out like this.  I think I get a bit hung up on my age (wedged somewhere between 30 and 40) and think that surely by now I shouldn’t be having to heft around three job titles.  Artist/shop girl/teacher (although the teaching thing is hardly panning out.  I mean, I AM on the Supply Teachers register, but all paperwork seemed to scream out ‘Don’t expect us to find you work.  We owe you nothing.  Love…the Council’).

With that said, I am completely thankful for all the opportunities that have either presented themselves to me, or have happened because I worked towards them.  Tonight is my exhibition opening at Hula.  Tomorrow night is the exhibition opening at Urban Outfitters.  All pieces for both shows were created in the past four months, whilst I worked at a beautiful indie shop in the Grassmarket, and at the same time, volunteering my time at a High School to prove to God knows who that I was serious about securing an art teaching job.

Although this is by no means and easy existence, it is one that fills me with pleasure because I am doing what I love and working hard to take necessary steps forward.  I relish the diversity; I know enough about myself to know that I do not thrive in a cubicle.  I meet interesting people and find myself in interesting conversations.  Just the other day a face surgeon came into the shop.  That was an interesting 20 minute conversation (and no, she wasn’t trying to convince me to heft up my brows or tuck in my chin).

There really isn’t any sort of conclusion here, or revelation, or advice, or final thought.  If anything, it is somehow comforting to know I’m not doing anything ‘wrong’ or am not working hard enough or smart enough.  This is just how it is.  I have so many friends that are in the same boat.  We should all have a party on this boat.  We should name it and perhaps my woodworking friend Steph could create some interesting sculptural piece to whittle out of the front.  I could then maybe get Gill to create interesting typography, spurring us forward.  We could have necklaces made, brightly coloured prints put up, enlist a cupcake maker and a massage genius to make us all feel good.  This ship is full, brimming full of talent, hard work and ambition.  Hm.  You know.  I think I’m rather proud to be on this vessel.

The End.