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Such a tease

The DC, EH10 <detail> by Jimmy Steel

Art Deco Villa, Costorphine Hill <detail> by Jimmy Steel


Her Former Glory <detail> by Cassandra Harrison


Drawing and print for Embassy by Cassandra Harrison

The above works are pieces to be displayed at the upcoming pop up at the Golden Hare, Victoria Street, Edinburgh. Jimmy has been creating vibrant, cosmic pieces and me, well, mine are very much still works in progress.
We have been planning this show for the past couple of months. Some discussions have been made whilst walking the studio mascots, Josey and Seal. Some discussions have been made whilst eating dinner or watching telly. At one point the floor was covered in frames and scraps of paper, with ideas, titles, artwork sizes and colours jotted down to try to keep it straight what each of us was to contribute to the exhibit.
There will be originals. There will be prints of originals. There will even be one piece that will be a collaboration. I’m rather excited about the latter as I think it will be such a lot of fun to make – a slight departure from what either of us are currently making. But it’s good to press yourself to try new things, develop as a person and see what new artistic expressions can be made along the way.
Exhibition opening night is December 1st, 7pm to 9pm. There will be drinks. And good music. And maybe even a little ‘Thanks for popping along to see us’ gift for those that rock up.

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Artists in residence

Pencils to the right of me, coffee to the left.  Here I am.  Stuck in the middle with a view.  Of some rooftops.

Yesterday saw me ending my short-lived art teaching career at a certain high school.  The pre-appointed appointment will be rocking up next week.  Oh if only I had grabbed that job first.  I was just filler.  I had a great send off, though.  A very nice, glowing little send off with my favourite treats.  A couple good things have branched off of this experience, so those poor little kids at Unamed High School will not be seeing the last of me.  Mwhahahahaha.

So here I am, looking at Edinburgh receiving a light shower.  There is much work to be done in regards to an upcoming exhibition featuring work by Jimmy Steel and work by me.  It’s been amazing watching the work develop from the mind and hands of my partner in the creative fight against ugly.

A number of years ago, I read a mediocre book (okay, there have been several mediocre books) where the main character and her friend had a cushy little set up in her home.  She was an interior designer and her friend was a maker of cushions or home decorations of a comforting sort.  I thought to myself:  How lovely is that set up.  Two creatives working together, chatting together, sharing ideas and working towards a goal.  How flipping groovy would that be.

And here I am.  Living that groovy set up.  We play records, 6 Music or Spotify playlists.  We make coffee with our friend Gaggia circa 80-something.  Our studio mascots, Seal and Josey, lurk around our feet, thinking that every time we stand up from our chairs that it’s their cue a Walkie will soon take place.  When I feel stuck or lack of direction, all I have to do is turn around in my chair and ask Jimmy to cast an eye over what I’ve done.  And vice versa.

Anyway, I must get on with work for this next show.  Jimmy is currently shaming me with his artistic output.  His colourism is simply glowing.  I shall take my inspiration from the palette and create pieces that complement what he has done.



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Skyfall and the Istanbul chase scene – behind the scenes

Awhile ago, my little Swedish friend Anna and I went on an adventure to Istanbul.  The trip was full of gorgeous scenery, amazing architecture and food that made me change from ‘Mexican is my favourite food’ to ‘give me mezze! Mezze! Mezze!’  But no baclava.  I ate so much of the stuff whilst I was in Turkey that my stomach now turns when I catch sight ofthe gooey mess of syrup at my local Turkish restaurant.

Unbeknownst so us (can something be ‘knownst’?), the part of the city Anna and I visited, the Spice Bazaar and the area surrounding the New Mosque, were that very day being used to shoot scenes for Skyfall.  Our first clue was when we spied the heavies and their 007 security badges.  Initially, we thought it was a very unimaginative security crew, naming themselves after a British institution.  When we ventured towards the New Mosque, this is what we saw:

Not sure what kind of food this is supposed to represent.
Pots, pans and painted foam posing as food
The Skyfall set behind me

It seems that months and months have passed while I have waited in antici…pation to see where Istanbul featured in the new Bond flick.  The throngs of people and the buzz of the streets were brilliantly captured in the movie.  The fact that it starts with Istanbul then swoops over the hard cut hills of the highlands of Scotland firmly placed this movie in my top three of the Bond franchise.  It didn’t even need to have a plot.  The settings did it for me.