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Hm. Curious.

I’ve been a busy bee. Since landing in this part of town I have had the great fantastic coincidence of having shop two of Curiouser&Curiouser open not too many doors away from me. This is great as a) all of my gift buying needs can be so easily done within a short mosey from my flat and b) it looks pretty nestled there beside a cheesecake shop, a frozen yoghurt shop and a cupcake shop and c) dropping off prints is now so very convenient. 

So now. What? August is almost over. And with a resounding thud, stuff stops. For a bit. And then there is the Christmas frenzy.

A project is needed to tide me over until then. So what will it be? What shall I do? Thinking, thinking, thinking.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. I also work as a primary school art teacher. I feel lucky that I can divide my time between the two activities.

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