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On the shelf

Apparently, all the cool kids are updatin’ their blogs on a Friday night. So, now, this makes me a cool kid indeed. Or more accurately, a cool person staring wildly into the eyes of her geriatric years. Or. Just a person. Trying to fill a gap in time between putting her child to bed and going to bed herself.

So how about this instead: All the cool parents are starting new rituals to celebrate the upcoming weekend. Our new jam is putting on a movie, rolling the picnic blanket out onto the living room floor, take away pizza, and the magic is done. Bedtime is pushed back a half an hour. Yeah. I know. Unhinged in my household. 

The travelling art ‘exhibition’ or window display or whatever, is moving along. I had a chat with my lovely and helpful woodworker to discuss the dimensions of the stand. Oh the excitement! Also, I’ve selected the originals to make giclee prints from:

These have been scanned so now all I need to do is make the magic happen on Gimp, I mean Photoshop (no I don’t, I can’t afford Photoshop) and hopefully make high quality reproductions. Will aim to do that next week.

In other news: A small company in the states has licensed use of one of my designs. Hurrah.

In other other news: The Shelf and those items on it. I devour books like I devour chocolate. Oh the joy of getting inside someone else’s head and rolling around in that for awhile. What else is on the shelf? Me. Because trying to have a relationship when you have an energetic, brilliant spark of a toddler daughter is an impossible thing. So. I’m done.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. I also work as a primary school art teacher. I feel lucky that I can divide my time between the two activities.

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