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Those three little big words

This is the space of wall where Lottie displays her artwork. She decides what goes there and then she will tape it down. Sloppily. Then I retape it before I have an aneurysm caused by the fact I can’t deal with things not being parallel to the ceiling or floor. You have to pick one or the other in these old Edinburgh digs as everything is slightly wonky.

Today has been exceptional in that for the first time ever she said ‘Lottie loves Mommy’ then gave me a big bear hug. She’s parroted something similar but today was the first time she’s shown that she understands, in her way, what it means and how to show it.

And how quickly does something like this wash away… the tantrum she had 30 minutes ago when her sock kept slipping down into her shoe, or the bathroom stand-off when she refused to have her nappy change, or her outrage to eat the last vegetable standing as over the months she’s been systematically refusing to eat them one by one (Come on, Lottie, give peas a chance), or getting smacked over the head with BaaBaa who has become its own planet of bacteria life forms carrying samples from boogers to dog licks to dirt to bins to ice cream.

All of that forgiven completely, whole-heartedly with gladness to go through it all again.

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Keeping it fluffy

Baking with toddler. I must always remind myself that although the 2 hours it takes to make a 20 minute recipe and the hour it takes to clean up all the dough flicked everywhere when she shook her messy hands, it is a magical experience for her.

This weekend has been fun with small adventures. Yesterday we went to the Fruitmarket Gallery to join in on a book reading and craft session with Alice Melvin. Her book, Grannie’s House, it completely wonderful with fold out pages and rooms to explore. She kindly signed our High Street book:

That evening, a friend popped over to watch Lottie so that I could go to the theatre. The cultural side of me needs nourishing, too. First time ever in the King’s Theatre. Not sure what it is about Steinbeck, but I enjoy his writing and theatrical adaptions of his words. I also was able to enjoy John Byrne’s creation first hand:

Keeping it interesting, fun and fluffy here chez Harrison. In light of a recent family tragedy, it was very much needed. More on that later.