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Sit tight. It’ll be alright 

Being still is something at which I’ve never excelled. My dad tells me that when I was a small child, they practically had to tie me down to the ground to keep me from floating off into space. “You were always bouncing,” he says. Oh how much my own child is like me!

I think all of this Go! Go! Go! energy has seeped into every part of my life. And sometimes I’m too far gone gone gone I’ve run passed the point of no return. I feel that I must always be doing something in my work life (makes sense, need to eat) and personal life. Make it happen. I’m a Make It Happen kind of person.

Unfortunately, with all of this act of activity it doesn’t give my self much chance to quietly listen or read the world around me. I don’t, in fact, need to be in motion or in the act of planning. Stop. Listen. Do nothing.

And boy is that nearly an impossibility.

In both my personal life and work life, I’m feeling that gut instinct tell me to stop. Like a sigh or as subtle as a breath. 

Do nothing.

And see what happens instead.