A jumpstart with Kickstarter

A few months ago, as I was popping into a local shop to chat to briefly with my friend at the till, I found a lovely little squirrel pin sitting on a display table. A neat little design and a sweet little accessory for my cardi. This was the gateway pin leading the upward (being positive here) spiral to my current addiction.

What is it about these little guys that makes them so wonderful? Maybe it’s as simple as wearing your personality on your sleeve that appeals. Or adding a bit of flair to your wardrobe (not in a prescriptive way a la Office Space, of course).

I had an idea to take my love of architecture, specifically my fascination with tenements, and create a little pin of homes. Since then this idea has blossomed into creating four tenement pins, one for each season.

Rolling all this out in one go, or at least in quick succession, has a big appeal. So, I’ve decided to Kickstart this project in hopes of having all four seasons ready to shine by the time summer rolls around.

I’ve added my Kickstarter link here if you want to read what it’s all about. You can also pre-order the new pins as these are part of the rewards scheme. Thanks for readin’!



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