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Set out your intention

Over the past few weeks when meeting with friends, it has been mentioned that it looks like I’m getting stuff done. My Instagram @cassandraharrison7 is lit up with all sorts of shiny new things and my Facebook is pinging all sorts of happy neon colours. I look busy. And I am busy. Now, admittedly, some of that is curated. We curate ourselves daily whether it’s on social media or in conversation with acquaintances/family/friends. You might be crying your heart out on the inside but maybe don’t want to reveal that to your colleague who you barely know.

With all of that said, I am actually getting shit done and it feels so nice to feel like I’m not bumbling around in the darkness of my many notebooks with my many big ideas.

Maybe you’re like me in that you love a bright shiny new notebook and love to list and plan and dream and write. Spilling all of that out onto paper feels both necessary and fun. But then…more often than not…it just kinda stays there. I might flip back and scribble some more but then nothing much happens because I’m too busy firefighting. I’m just dealing with the stuff that lands at my feet on the day and then it’s night time and that’s that.

For years I’ve had ideas to put together a solo exhibition and for years it’s just been this nebulous thing.

When I purchased the Maker’s Yearbook I found that I was actually starting to make steps towards doing those things I had only thought about doing.

I’m cringing in that I feel like I’m trying to sell something here. What I’m saying is, the concept of setting out my intention then writing out small steps to make it happen has been invaluable. I easily slide off track, easily get bored with projects if I don’t finish then quickly, or like a dog that has spied a squirrel, chase after that new exciting idea and forget what I was doing the moment before.

I’ve also signed up to Creative Live and have downloaded a workshop lead by Lisa Congdon (artist and writer of Art Inc). In the kitchen when making dinner, I fire up one of her mini courses, burn the food and listen to tips on the things that many artists struggle with when making a living in their nook of the creative industry.

I’ve also been attending a regular meditation class, but more on that another day.

Namaste and all that jazz.

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This morning I’ve been researching possibilities for the Shops and Flats print. The original needs to be set inside a lovely frame. I think so much more can be done with the image. Today I’ve ordered notebooks and cards with these designs. After spending so much time re-working the website, I want to add fun new things into it. Flashy new website!

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If you’re gonna do it do it right…

After years of grumbling about my website, I’ve finally built something that I’m proud of.

With the help of a friend to get started, I put together a slick little Shopify website complete with slideshow, newsletter sign-up capability and Categories section. These things never come together quickly. I have spent my evening hours and weekend hours to create this thing.

At the beginning of the year I decided I needed to turn this operation into a slick operation. I work in a professional capacity but that wasn’t clear with my online presence. January and February are agonisingly sloooooow months, so I knew that this was the time to make the change.

I’ve even added a page for this:

…the rest of which you can read here.

Next step: Clean up this blog space. I haven’t touched the links in years and my CV is a few years out of date.

Work continues…

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Share the love February

Above prints can be found here.

It’s February. This has been true for the last five days. I have a soft spot for February and it’s 14th day as that is the day my parents were married. I was their flower girl which was quite a special thing.

On my Instagram page @cassandraharrison7 I have been sharing the love of some of the talented people I have met IRL. Edinburgh can sometimes seem like a small village, making it easy to cross paths with some of those folk you’ve been liking via the social medias.

Everyday I give props to an illustrator or photographer, baker (candlestick maker?). Hopefully others will feel encouraged to share the love and join in with the hashtag #sharethelovefeb19.

So far I have shared the delicate illustrations of Nicola Boon. We had been following each other for months – on Instagram, not in a creepy stalkery fashion – and eventually met at my birthday party. Since then I’ve gotten to know her, watch her work develop and even had the extra bonus that our daughters like to play together.

Another person I’ve been sharing the love for is my very good friend Helen of Helen Pugh Photography . She’s got a special kind of magical talent for capturing a personality in a photo. Her photos are always full of action, spontaneous smiles and a certain glow. It’s lucky for us that she always has her camera with her as my daughter and I have often benefited from this.

Who do you want to big up for February? Why not share the love and tell us?