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Rock Trust art auction to help homeless youth

This evening I popped along to St Mary’s. She looked mysterious in the fog and rain as I walked up the wide street, slowly getting soaked in my non-waterproof coat.

The gathering was small and lovely – I didn’t chat to anyone as I didn’t recognise anyone. Also, some days I’m just not that out-going and chatty. I grabbed my glass of wine and looked closely at the pieces on display.

‘Hame’ by Bryan Angus is my absolute favourite. In this display you can see Nicola Boon’s delicate chair and my burst of colour in ‘Fireworks.’

The auction will conclude in two weeks and bidding has already started. For more information on the art auction, charity and to see and bid on art, please hop along to Home Is Where The Art Is.

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New stuff. New stuff.

My website is bursting with flavour. Seriously, I’m becoming addicted to using my images on things. There’s something terrifically fun about it.

I especially like how happy the mug looks rolling around with donuts. I’d be deeeeelighted to have a box of these sprinkled donuts all to myself.

I have two appointments lined up for commission work and have booked a meeting at a possible workshop space. All the new things…this year so far has been full of the new.

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Finished work

So here it is. On a fake wall. Whoever created this Fake Wall To Show Your Art app is a genius. It helps to show the scale and what the artwork would look like in situ. The app I used is iViewArt.

This one pulled together much quicker than the previous one as I had solved most dilemmas with that artwork. 100cm x 50cm is much bigger than my usual 10cm x 16cm endeavours. Working on this scale has been a fun challenge. After posting photos of this on instagram, I was immediately contacted by two individuals for one similar and one quite different commissions. I’m so pleased with the outcome.

This will be hanging in a chic little Georgian flat in Edinburgh city centre.

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Welcome to the Urban Jungle

Its a bit addictive seeing how drawings can turn into stuff to wear, use and display.

First I started out by painting palm trees and lush plants. This artwork was inspired by our recent holiday in Malaga, Spain.

I had the work scanned, turned it into a repeating image then splashed it all over stuff.

These can be seen on Redbubble.