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Finished work

So here it is. On a fake wall. Whoever created this Fake Wall To Show Your Art app is a genius. It helps to show the scale and what the artwork would look like in situ. The app I used is iViewArt.

This one pulled together much quicker than the previous one as I had solved most dilemmas with that artwork. 100cm x 50cm is much bigger than my usual 10cm x 16cm endeavours. Working on this scale has been a fun challenge. After posting photos of this on instagram, I was immediately contacted by two individuals for one similar and one quite different commissions. I’m so pleased with the outcome.

This will be hanging in a chic little Georgian flat in Edinburgh city centre.



I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. I also work as a primary school art teacher. I feel lucky that I can divide my time between the two activities.

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