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Edinburgh Hopscotch Lockdown Game


The forecast looks like rain for Wednesday.  Staring into my weather app with hope for many more sunny days and finding rain on the horizon is always a disappointing sight.  This week it is even more disappointing as usual.

Over the past couple of weeks we have watched the Leamington Terrace Hopscotch Game grow by leaps and bounds (oh please laugh at that!  It was a good one – yes?). We have added our own squares, aiding my six year old to add numbers following 1378.  We have seen the chalk bucket travel up the road and down again and more than once I have been astonished to find that no one has lifted it.  Well, either that or some very conscientious people are replenishing the chalk supply.

This is certainly a weird, terrible and wonderful time in which we are living.  What else have we noticed?  We have noticed neighbours sharing their superfluous garden plants, bread being baked and shared, a smile and a nod as someone chooses to walk in the street so you and your small child can have the pavement.  We have noticed children safely learning to cycle in the street (mine included) and kindness parading itself around like it was here all along but maybe we were too busy to see it or too busy to give it.

As for my bit, I am gifting everyone on my street a small print of the drawing I created.  The day was sunny, the game was on.  I hope we can look back on this time and remember it as a splash of sunshine in a climate of uncertainty and change.

Here is the news article about our wonderful street.


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Lockdown headspace

Now we are looking into to a batch of three more weeks of lockdown. Bizarrely, I’m kinda looking forward to this. Not that I don’t miss my friends or usual activities. We miss these things immensely. What I do t miss is the crazy running around and feeling exhausted by 5pm from a hectic schedule.

Surely I’m not the only one enjoying slower mornings, slower days and more room in my head than I almost know what to do with. I know there is a divide between having littles around and not- I’ve been busy keeping my six year old occupied. I’ve also been trying to teach her ways to keep herself occupied without the tv sucking her attention away.

During this time, I’ve taken a step back and had a good hard look at my work life. What’s working? What’s bringing me down? I’ve launched a series of online classes and thoroughly enjoy planning for them and teaching them. I now have art parties, private art groups for children and art classes for grownups. For more info please hop to my website.

Me at my teaching desk

One extra fu thing I have added into my week is the Make Art That Sells (Money Bad Aa) course. It was fab! I now have over 100 pages of a plan to move and grow with definite clear goals and big dreams written down in manageable steps. It’s been great to be involved in their little community.

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Hit me with your best shots


Last week I had a fun little competition on Twitter @geehowquaint asking people to submit photos of their favourite buildings/avenues/streets from their city or travels farther afield.  The response was terrific and made my decision-making difficult.  The first one to roll in was the building featured at the top of this post.  The person that supplied this suggestion said that his a much overlooked fella.  It stands tall and proud, but people don’t really notice it any more due to the noisy motorway just behind it.  So I thought I would show this grand thing some love and draw it in my bright, vibrant fashion.

I decided to representing a variety of spaces and places was where I wanted to go with this.  As you can see I hopped from an allotment shed to a gorgeous street in Edinburgh to the brightly lit up Shore at night.

Thank you everyone who joined in the fun.  It was so great to see the responses roll in.  If you would like to commission an artwork of your favourite building/street/neighbourhood/huge expansive city view, please get in touch. These drawings start at £65.  Hop over to my etsy shop to order.

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Surviving the lockdown with art – Crash Course in Art History goes online


In February I officially launched my business Crash Course in Art History  – Art Parties for Grownups.  The first event was a success, the feedback good, more parties planned and booked.  It was an exciting venture for me as I was able to share all this Art History information and How To knowledge with friends, their friends, soon to be friends and the broader public.  I had a wee mention on BBC6 Music during their #itsbusinesstime segment.  Hearing Lauren Laverne read to the nation about my business and my art was such a wonderful thing.

And soon after, I lost my teaching job due to budget cuts.  The week after I saw on the news that Ireland were closing their schools.  The week after that I took my 6 year old out of school, three days before they were officially closed.

So much change in only a matter of three weeks.  How do you survive that?  How has anyone been surviving this?  And so I did what I knew I needed to do to cope.  I pressed on.  The thing is, I know for me, I thrive with structure.  I thrive when there are events to look forward to, classes to plan, art to make.  It has been a long journey to understand these things about myself and I am glad to have figured this out before the lockdown shut us down.

The learning curve was sharp and climbed up quickly.  I had to learn how to use zoom, how to teach from a live setting to an online setting (not too difficult as I had already had teaching experience with My website was updated with extra pages for online teaching.  I rolled out my Saturday morning art sessions for grown ups and am happy to report that the people in the group taking part are absolutely shining and wonderful.  It lifts my heart to see their faces on a Saturday morning.  If you would like to know more about these sessions please visit the Crash Course in Art History page.  The classes are set up so that the first 15-20 minutes is all about settling in, getting our cups of tea and learning Art History then the rest of the time is spent with me leading the group through an art making project.


A couple of weeks I also launched art lessons for children.  Some of these sessions are private group where a class meet up on zoom and we all learn about art and make art together.  This Thursday I am starting my Drop-In art session for children ages 6 – 12.  You can find that information on good ‘ol eventbrite. I call it Art with Cassandra (imaginative, yes?).  It would be lovely to see who stops by.  The lessons are created to follow the curriculum and should be self sufficient enough to engage the children so that parents can have a little break.  This is an additional aim.  I think we all need time to step away from the demands and rest our minds.

Honestly, this is the best schedule I have had in years.  I am helping L along with her studies (minus Science and Maths, left up to someone else to take those on), we exercise, go on bike rides, play in the garden and bake.  There are so many things about this lockdown that I am loving.  What I am not loving is the constant low level anxiety whenever I need to go to the shops (am soon switching to either Click and Collect or Schop).

There is also a lot happening with my artwork, however I will save that update for another day.

Stay well, everyone.