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Announcing the line up for All The Small Things group exhibition

Hannah Bailey

Check out all that water.  I don’t mean the water falling from the sky in depressing waves, sheets, mist fogs, and water walls.  I mean check out all that water in the photograph.  This piece is by artist Hannah Bailey created for her series Looking out to sea/Looking out to see.  When I saw her submission come through I could see it vividly in my mind, sharing space with another artist I will talk about next week.  Coincidentally, they are both Baileys however no relation as far as I am aware. Fi BaileyJenni Douglas , and Cassandra Harrison will also be showing their work in this exhibition.

Later this week the four of us will all have a zoom chat and discuss the vision for the exhibition.  I am aware that times they are a-changin’, sometimes one week is so vastly different from the previous one.  With this in mind, we will create an in-person exhibition alongside a scheduled online presence.  We will have live videos of the artists showing their work and discussing the process from ideas to the work set out in the space.  There will be teaching sessions, chat, opportunities for the public to get involved and so much more.

Opening night is September 25th and there is still much to do.

Thank you so much for following this story.  Please share the hashtag #allthesmallthingsblocgallery (no k!) to stay tuned in.  It would be wonderful if you could share this far and wide.  One way to support our artists is by disseminating the information. I look forward to updating you all as the show unfolds.


I am an artist living and working in a rather gorgeous city. My art can be purchased in various shops throughout the city as well as from my online shop. Most of my work is for commission, private and corporate. I am the founder of Crash Course in Art History Limited.

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