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DECIEM commission and events

At the end of August, I received an email from DECIEM asking if I would like to work with them on their Edinburgh store launch event. You bet I would!

This request rolled in when my schedule was just starting to move from holiday mode to super crazy busy mode. I just couldn’t turn it down.

This is now the week after and I can breathe again. What a huge learning curve. I was to create an artwork to be made into prints for Press/Influencer/VIP Customer goodie bags. There was some back and forth sketch action however after take 3, it was all approved and ready to be made into prints. They wanted to capture the city and the quirky fun of the company, thus the castle and animals. The dog, Dexter, actually belongs to one of the London employees.

I was entertainment for the three events, drawing and painting an original piece similar to the print. After meeting the DECIEM crew from Edinburgh and London, I can confirm that they are lovely people. The branding on their products is pretty slick. I also like the lack of parabens and nasties in their products.

So that’s a wrap then. Better get on with next commission.

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A fine day – commission complete

100cm x 70cm

Screen print, textiles in tweeds, linen, patterned fabrics, and cotton

This piece was commissioned by a private client. We talked about the placement of the artwork within the home, theme, colours and other important details. I provided her with sketches of layouts and confirmations of colour.

I have two more commissions lined up after this plus my ongoing personal projects that will hopefully see the light of day. I need to schedule in my own projects as well as I do the projects for others. But then again, I get paid for their commissions so you know, that always wins over my pieces For Fun and Just Because.

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The Story Changes in the Retelling

Last week I took a class at Leith School of Art in Edinburgh. I had never been and had wanted to go and so I did.

The course was about showing layers of meaning in an art work. To calm it a collage class would feel too reductive. It felt more involved than that as we were not using found pieces (although I know collage is much more than just that).

We spent the first day looking at slides of artwork, discussing them, then concentrating on a few objects for drawing purposes. We practised using various drawing materials (oil bar, zest and graphite my new favourites) then painting swatches of colour.

I had an idea of where I wanted to take my piece within the first few hours of class. It came from nowhere and was so completely different from my usual themes.

The project was underpinned by a couple of quotes I had read in David Eagleman’s books, The Brain and Sum.

“Our past is not a faithful record. Instead, it’s a reconstruction, and sometimes it can border on mythology.”

“…a life where episodes are split into tiny swallowable pieces, where moments do not endure.”

I collected sketches of Lottie, drew a typewriter in various ways then drew out the beach scene in my mind. It was quite different from the photo I had taken on the day.

We can take countless pictures and fill out notebooks with drawings to capture that moment. But once it’s gone, it’s gone. It changes when we think about it, talk about it, look back at our recordings.

I’ll miss my little class. I felt a nice connection with our group and our sporadic chats during 11am tea and biscuit break time and 1pm lunches. I think we all learned admire about ourselves during the process.

Colin Black taught this class. To see his work pop his mane into Google and have a look around.

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Edinburgh Art Book

A year ago I was contacted by Emma Bennet (editor of the Art Book series) to submit artwork for consideration for this book. Finally, after many months of waiting and receiving emails about progress, it is now here!

The book is full of gorgeous Edinburgh sites, as seen from the artists that live within the city. I have two pieces, as seen above.

The Edinburgh Art Book can be purchased at Blackwells and Waterstones.

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Rock Trust art auction to help homeless youth

This evening I popped along to St Mary’s. She looked mysterious in the fog and rain as I walked up the wide street, slowly getting soaked in my non-waterproof coat.

The gathering was small and lovely – I didn’t chat to anyone as I didn’t recognise anyone. Also, some days I’m just not that out-going and chatty. I grabbed my glass of wine and looked closely at the pieces on display.

‘Hame’ by Bryan Angus is my absolute favourite. In this display you can see Nicola Boon’s delicate chair and my burst of colour in ‘Fireworks.’

The auction will conclude in two weeks and bidding has already started. For more information on the art auction, charity and to see and bid on art, please hop along to Home Is Where The Art Is.

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New stuff. New stuff.

My website is bursting with flavour. Seriously, I’m becoming addicted to using my images on things. There’s something terrifically fun about it.

I especially like how happy the mug looks rolling around with donuts. I’d be deeeeelighted to have a box of these sprinkled donuts all to myself.

I have two appointments lined up for commission work and have booked a meeting at a possible workshop space. All the new things…this year so far has been full of the new.