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Progress report: Urban Outfitters gig

This week has been a good and productive week chez Cassandra. I am feeling jazzed about the opportunity to show an entirely new body of work in its entirety. As it is vitally important to me to ensure the overall exhibit is cohesive, I had made great efforts to stick to an exciting, vibrant and well-chosen colour scheme. It’s the zingyness of the turquoise married to tangerine orange that I am finding particularly delightful.

Patterned fabrics have been ordered and received. After hours of trawling the internet I found fabrics that match my shades and are also the geometric prints that I had imagined. ‘Why not print your own?’ you may ask and yes, one of you has asked. Well, I am a great believer in the brilliance of others and I think that I have found fabrics that far exceed anything I could have ever designed myself. So, the pieces will be an amalgamation of my drawing, printmaking, eye-for-the-slabalicious-architecture, colour choice along with found printed fabrics.

I still have one print to create and then that’s me done with the printmaking. My file for this project is full of stacks of my printed designs. I shall then take a few weeks off and come back to the work with fresh eyes and put the pieces together. In the meantime, there is the Hula artworks to begin but now, just now, I think I shall make myself a batch of celebratory French Toast Cupcakes.



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August Exhibition at Hula

Who is gonna be at Hula?

Yesterday I had a very exciting meeting with Susan of Hula Juice Bar on Victoria Street.  Ooh la la.  We both left the meeting feeling utterly ecstatic about our plan for August.

You may be thinking ‘But wait, Cassandra.  Aren’t you preparing for a show for Urban Outfitters in August?’ And to this question I would say ‘Why yes, thank you so much for remembering that.  It means quite a lot, actually.  So what’s going to happen is that I’m exhibiting in two, yes TWO, different venues in August.’ And then you may want to follow that up with ‘But Cassandra, what about print and textile market saturation?  Aren’t you afraid that people are going to get a little annoyed/sick of seeing your work all over the place?’ And to this I would respond ‘Insteresting that you should say that as I had that same worry myself.  With that said, both shows are going to be entirely different.  Urban Outfitters works will feature a completely different type of architecture treated with different types of fabrics and stitching whilst the show at Hula will be based on architecture around the Grassmarket.  I will be bringing in another element to the Hula exhibition works, an element that I cannot wait to start experimenting with as I feel this is going to take my work in an interesting direction.’

I hope that you will be able to find time in your busy August schedules to see them both.  As I mentioned, the work is going off in one direction for UO and in quite another direction for Hula.  I think that I shall be busy the next few months experimenting and developing my current style.  I am so thrilled at the prospect.

It’s better to grow than stagnate.

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Chancelot Mills artwork

This is the first completed work for this summer’s exhibition for Urban Outfitters.  Unfortunately, the colours have not translated exactly in photograph as they look in real life.  They are luminous, bright, and that yellow is like a shock of lemon.  This is the basis of my colour scheme for the other works.  Some will be rockin out in orange, whilst others will be calmed down with that gorgeous teal blue colour that is making the hot colours pop in the above artwork.

I’ve also decided to activate the white areas more; using white as a colour instead of something to outline the other colours.  I think this could work really well.  Today I have been buoyant, full of all shades of excitement as I feel this is like Torness Take 2.  When I created that Torness Power Station piece, I felt like I had achieved something new and fresh, something I hadn’t done for quite some time.  I’ve got that lovin’ feeling again and I’m jazzed as anything.