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Dean Bridge at Night

View over Dean Bridge at night

Image size: 7″ x 8 1/2″

Mount only


Available here until sold.

This is a one off creation – my venture into trying to capture Edinburgh at night.  The artwork was inspired by my many walks through Edinburgh at night as well as my very good friend pointing over the bridge and stating, “That.  That’s what I want you to make.  Capture that for me.” Said friend will be receiving one of her very own.  In the meantime, I will be making variations of this print in dark purple, deep blue, grey, gold, red, whatever captures that night scene.

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R.I.P. Trinity Car Park – Artwork of the Week

Homage to Trinity Car Park

The above artwork was created in conjunction with my touring art installation work, “The Connecting Thread – a personal psychogeography” which ends its final showing in just over a week.

Although I was gutted to learn of the devastating blow the Gateshead skyline suffered with the demolishing of their favourite building (some of this said in jest), when I now look from Newcastle to Gateshead, the horizon looks as it should have all along.  So, no more hulking beast watching over you now, residents along the Tyne.  I’m sure you’re having mixed feelings about this.

This artwork is available from my website shop.

Screen print on textiles, with stitched detail

Box frame: 16″ x 20″


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Artwork of the week – Grassmarket

New print featuring the Grassmarket and Castle

Image size: 5″ x 7″ in a white frame 8″ x 10″

£45 (free postage)

To purchase, please visit the online shop.

Artwork of the week features my latest linear print.  I have tried to incorporate the castle in other artworks but find that it is a bit difficult to make the organic crag bits tie in with the steady, sturdy, if-not-straight-then-close-enough, lines of the architecture I like to feature in  my artwork.  Organic shapes do not always translate well in this style.  In this instance, however, I think it has worked.

Although I print the linear designs several times, each artwork is then individually created using stitching, layering and whatever else needs to happen to it to pull it together.  Therefore, each piece is unique and individual.

The above artwork is available from me until Sunday, 20th of November.  Postage is free, which is brilliant and just think how convenient it would be to not have to do the footwork to acquire the latest print.  See.  I’ve totally got you in mind for this.

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Artwork of the week

Edinburgh Skyline
Edinburgh Skyline - Gocco print on textiles

Every week I’ll be posting a photo of a work I have recently finished and offer it here for you to see.  The work will live with me for a week and by the time the week is out, let’s say on Sunday, it will no longer be available from me for purchase here (or you can DM @geehowquaint on Twitter).  I currently stock four lovely shops and galleries in Edinburgh (Hannah Zakari, Curiouser and Curiouser, Marchmont Gallery and Daisy Cheynes).  Once the week is out, I will very happily deliver that particular artwork to one of the above shops for purchase.  So, if you change your mind and wished you’d nabbed it, you can quite easily visit one of the above shops.

This week’s Artwork of the Week is was created using my first Edinburgh Skyline design.  You can see St Giles’ Cathedral lurking in the background, looking like the crown it was fashioned after.  I’ve got an interesting story about St Giles.  Last year on Burns Night, there was a flashmob style meet-up.  I happened to stumble upon a blip on Twitter talking about the flashmob, time, place and what was to be done.  We were to sing “A Man’s a Man for A’ That”, by Burns.  Here are the lyrics and no, I had no idea what most of that meant.

So, with paper of lyrics tucked into my pocket, and a plan to meet with Rhiannon, I ventured forth into my first flashmob.  Unfortunately, most of the people attending may not have seen the myriad of YouTube clips that I have seen.  Instead of walking around nonchalantly, pretending to be tourists/workers/people out for a stroll, they were huddled together in mass, waiting for instruction.  No. No. No. No. No.  Bar that very hilarious mistake, the event was quite a hoot.

*Artwork information

Image: 5″ x 7″ in white 8″ x 10″ frame